For some strange reason the FBI has always fascinated me. I remember watching "I was a Communist for the FBI" when I was a kid. Always pretty trusting, I devoured the tales as gospel. Of course, when McCarthy was hammered, I was older and somewhat wiser about the criminal element. Nonetheless, I have the FBI web site on my list of incoming data. This morning the annual statisticis were listed for agents killed in the line of duty. I was unaware that such a list existed, and conversely, the Boston Globe this morning ran an article about a crooked FBI agent.
Do any of you use this FBI site when writing?

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I haven't used the site for much other than strictly factual information, such as office locations. I think much of the historical stuff is basically an ad for the Bureau. I have called the FBI a couple of times to confirm facts before putting them in a book, and have been pleased by how helpful they are.
Sue, the list you're referring to is called the LEOKA or "Law Enforcement Officers Killed or Assaulted" list. The FBI compiles that stat annually from law enforcement agencies across the nation including its own. An awful statistic for anyone who's ever been in law enforcement, but a necessary one nonetheless.

At my department, I often used the FBI site. They've gotten much better at keeping it timely. Years ago, when I started in LE, it was outdated, but not anymore.

Felicia Donovan
Thank you for your expertise.


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