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I'm reading Diane Stuckart's THE QUEEN'S GAMBIT, in which Leonardo da Vinci is the detective, with the help of the narrator, one of his apprentices. It's a fascinating portrait of life at the Sforza court in Milan, and the amount of research that must have gone into it is prodigious.
Ooooo, sounds good. Luckily, the little library around the corner from me has it in stock.
Nearly finished The Broken Shore by Peter Temple. Loving this book! Took me a few chapters to get into the writing style. His prose is so sharp, and he doesn't waste a single word. A new favourite author.
Peter Temple is a wonderful writer. Have you read any of his Jack Irish books? If you're a Melbournite, you'll really love his word pictures of our city.
I just finished re-reading one of his standalones as well - Shooting Star, which Text have just re-released. It's a very good book as well.
I'm reading Jack O'Connell's "Wireless." I read "Box Nine" a couple of years ago and couldn't put it down. I'm finding "Wireless" to be a little slower going, but a compelling story nonetheless with some really memorable chatacters.
My current read is, "An Actor's Guide to Greed," by Rick Copp. I have ventured into reading my authors of mysteries that involve gay relationships. Presents a fairly unique idea in the genre. I particularly like the fact that Copp and a few others get the dialogue and emotional baggage correct while underscoring that story with the mystery therein.
I'm reading Michael Robotham's Lost. I'm in the final quarter of it and I'm finally hooked.
Sorry. Can't share. Reading for an award.

(This interrupted Michael Robotham's THE SUSPECT, which promises to be an excellent book.)
The Suspect is fantastic. I was completely hooked into that one.
SLEEPING DOGS by Ed Gorman. I can't imagine a more timely novel to read during this election period. Loving it.
John Wyndham's Chrysalids. Sci-fi/horror from 1955.


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