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I agree - American Tabloid is one of my favourite crime books. I haven't read Cold Six Thousand yet.
just finished Janet Evanovitch's Fearless Fourteen. Yes, I know, bubble gum for the brain but it's good for a laugh. I bought Nitsuo Kirino's Grotesque yesterday so that's next on the list. Her book, Out, was a mind spin.
Well, one notch up from bubble gum, but I just finished Robert B. Parker's ROUGH WEATHER, the newest Spenser novel. I always enjoy his references to literary works, and finally Susan Silvererman served a gourmet meal of her own making for all the gang. It was just a fluke that I read this book in November with Thanksgiving so close.

I have been a "Spenser with an 'S' " fan for years.
Hi, I have just finished Don't Close Your Eyes and Ransom Beach. They are by Lawrence Kelter. These books are worth reading. They are exciting, scary, thrilling with a romantic connection between the main characters. They have a surprise ending that will blow you away. You really should read these he is a terrific new writer. I have read all of Noel Hynd's books and what a writer. If you haven't read his books you are missing out on a great ride. Once you start reading you won't be able to stop.Take care Linda
Just finished > Peter Haining - Cannibal Killers
Just started > Dr Henry C Lee - Cracking Cases :)
My editor at Northern Express, Robert Downes, made a 5 month around the world backpacking and bicycling trip. Every day he added his adventures to his blog, using internet cafes, and assembled them into a book, "Planet Backpacker" which is now available at If you ever thought about backpacking around the world, this is full of tips and stories. My wife and I honeymooned on our one speed recycled bicycles in Europe in 1960 and hitchhiked around Britain, so we are kindred spirits. If someone would like to read my 1957 hitchhiking adventure to North Cape, I'll gladly send the pdf file. This was before credit cards, cell phones, or ATM machines or internet cafes.
Well, I am not reading it now. Read it years ago as a matter of fact. But "Pillars of the Earth" by Ken Follet is one of the most incredible books I have ever read. I remember staying up nights so that I could read it. I think it is over 900 pages, yet not a single word exists as "padding." If you read it, you literarily won't be able to put it down.
Just finished Orson Scott Card's SHADOW PUPPETS, starting SHADOW OF THE GIANT, its sequel. These books have no stopping places from one cover to the other -- including from the back cover of one to the front of the next. Card keeps a tight human focus on his characters as they play out a game of world affairs. The whole group is based on ENDER'S GAME, which won the Hugo and Nebula awards.
I really enjoy his books...makes me think. I "read" his works via Recorded Books Unlimited.
The 4-book novel called the Shadow series turns out to be my favorite read of the year. (It's unlikely to be unseated in the amount of time we have left.)
New author to me is Kris Nelscott, who has the Smokey Dalton series. I am reading the 2nd one first. I picked it up at Reading Time Books in Dallas. Author lives on the Oregon coast, and her first in the series, A DANGEROUS ROAD, was an award winner. Smokey is a black dectective who is attached to a white, rich woman (drives a Mercedes). Each has issues, but they click emotionally. If you locate Nelscott's books, I think that you will be hooked.
I'm digging through my batch of Hard Case Crime that I got in their year-end $1 sale. Aside from that I just finished a book called The Deputy's Widow by JB Kohl that I would recommend to anyone who likes classic period-set noir detective novels. It is the set up for a series so there is a lot of set up stuff that will pay off later but it has a great vintage noir feel. Nice, playful cast of characters too. Good stuff.
Also just finished Shella by Andrew Vachss. I don't read his Burke series but love The Getaway Man, another stand-alone. Shella was brutal, gritty and sick. It bogged down a little for me in the back 2/3 but all in all a dark and twisted ride that I enjoyed.


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