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I'm reading a Laurie King police procedural. ecently read a Reginals Hill (Britich) mystery. Both authors are escellent. One can learn a great deal by reading, reading, and reading. That's how Robert L. Stevenson got started. He'd hand copy passages of books he liked just to get the feel of it. Its as if the hands could remember and learn along ewith the brain.

I'm in the midst of my own new mystery, "The Lollipop Murder." Its about authors battling with their publisher and was inspired by one of my publishers who is impossible to work with.
I am reading Mind Scrambler by Chris Grabenstein. I love the series but understand that this may be the last one since the contract with his publisher hasn't been renewed. Next up is Cherry Bomb by Joe Konrath.
Just finished John Harvey's COLD IN HAND. The title is a bit odd (a line from some fairly obscure music frequently mentioned in the novel), but this novel is again a powerful and well-written police procedural. In this case, private affairs become involved in police business causing plenty of personal agony. The solution of the crime in the end makes another point about character and morality. A super novel.
Just slush read the opening chapters of a Charles Wilson novel. The chapters I have are set in Mississippi just before the Civil War. He wants to step outside his usual genre, and it is an admirable theme.

I have back a reworked version of the Alaskan mystery I was working on a few weeks ago.

The carry-around book is LOVE AMONG THE RUINS by Angela Thirkell. Comedy of manners combined with 1940s romance, set in post-war England. It raised the tone of my dentist appointment.
I'm almost at the end of Cherry Bomb by J. A. Konrath. Lots of violence but a good book.
Malice, by Lisa Gardner
POMFRET TOWERS, Angela Thirkell
I'm reading Deborah Crombie Where Memories Lie.
I'm midway in The Bridge of Sighs, by Olen Steinhauer. It's a police procedural
set in Eastern Europe in 1948. Main character is an extremely likable young man working
against huge odds.
I am reading The Dexter Omnibus - the first three Dexter books. Dexter has been made into a fantastic TV series and the books so far are just brilliant. You can't help but love and understand this serial killer! The author Jeff Lindsay has done an amazing job at trapping the reader into thinking that their morals don't count anymore- not an easy task at all. I am totally wrapped in the webb he has created and i cannot wait to see what else he does with his writing. If you haven't heard of Dexter or have seen the series but not read the books - the Omnibus is a good place to start!
Love a serial killer? That's precisely why I hated the only book in that series that I tried . . . for about 20 pages.
Fair enough- but I am pretty open minded - if the author can make me appreciate the killer as a human being too then I think they have done an amazing job. But its all personal taste with books isn't it.


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