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I just finished Run A Crooked Mile by Janet LaPierre. I like her books. Now I'm on Wicked Prey by Sandford.
Ellroy's Blood's a Rover. It's just not as thrilling as The Big Nowhere or LA Confidential. There's a mystery in the heart of the novel, but it's nowhere those two - which I think are his best. Interesting, though, that must be said. We'll see how the book moves along. I keep having trouble getting to read it.
Just tried another Denise Mina. Tossed this one also. I'm sorry, but I just can't cope with a world of criminally insane men killing and raping assorted drug-addicted or mentally disturbed women, and being let off a murder charge for lack of evidence so they can go and hunt down the women who accused them in the first place. But if you like a lot of violence and insanity, you'll find it.
I understand what you're saying. The violence level is on the high side. Maybe it's a Celtic thing; have you read Declan Hughes? Anyway, Mina grew up in a Glasgow slum and worked as a social worker before writing. No wonder her world view is on the dark side.
Yes, I think she works with the criminally insane. I fail to understand how people can write about something that's their daily life, but that's just me.
I believe I tried Declan Hughes and could handle that either. I do like Bruen, though.
The difference is that Bruen has a sense of humor, albeit a black one.
Make that "could not handle." And yes, that black humor is essential and very humanizing in Bruen's Irish novels.
I am reading The Black Minute by Christopher Valen and enjoying the book.
I'm reading _House Call_, by Darden North, MD. I've been laid up with either a cold or the flu and have had time to READ for a change.
Too bad about the flu but good on the time to read. I'm reading Fractured by Karin Slaughter that I've had in my TBR pile for sometime.
Why does this guy need an M.D. after his name?
To obtain preferred treatment:
In Italy, be a doctor (dottore for both MD and PhD)
In Germany, wear a uniform
In Mexico, try to speak Spanish
In England (outside of London), smile
In Scotland, breathing is sufficient
In London, nothing will make a difference


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