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Reading Hurley now. He's not quite John Harvey, and I don't care for the coldness of Faraday. There is, in general, a great detachment from the horrendous crime (overdone?) described in this novel.
If you're looking for English or Scottish series in particular - Caro Ramsay and Elena Forbes could also be worth having a look at. Neil Cross is you're not looking for a series progression but great standalones.
You know who I haven't heard from in a while is Jane Goodall, an Australian author writing about a British female cop. Aka Jane R Goodall. Or maybe her books just haven't come to America in the formats I prefer.

Thanks for the rec of a standalone author. I haven't quite freed myself from the 'gotta read a series in order' compulsion, which tends to make me not read some authors if they have a huge backlist. Silly, I know. Maybe there's a med for that.
I've not seen anything from Jane Goodall for years now, which is a huge pity.

I know lots of people who have that series order compulsion - I've got the perfect cure - memory like a sieve itis or total disorganisation - both work for me :)
i'm just endorsing neil cross. he's written some interesting books.
I just finished McCarthy's The Road. I have to give the book four stars only because of McCarthy's brilliance. I say have to because I hate long sections of descriptions. That is almost what this book is full of. That and sufferings after sufferings. I have to say the few spots with characters were brilliant and exciting. I'm at a loss as to why someone somewhere didn't try to grow some food. If the ground was contaminated then the author should say so.
It was a tough read but I'm glad I read it.
Well, but growing food would have destroyed the bleakness of it. Why introduce hope unnecessarily?
Just finished Evonovich's 16 and Wood's book Lucid Intervals.
I am disappointed with two novels I have just read John Harvey's cold in hand 9.50kindle I rated **+ It is scotland but ruralish and good enough to finish but...
Michael Koryta's Envy the Night ** 799 kindle good prose but dumb goody two shoes plot in places. I am so hungry for a good book. I'm trying Jan Burke's Flight. It has a bang bang start good prose that moves but the detective is starting to bond with a teenaged victim. We'll have to see.
I checked four Robert Barnards out of the library. Now reading THE GRAVEYARD POSITION. An interesting family intrigue. It isn't one of his where we have to suffer the presence of a flaming sadist, like most of his early ones.
Anyone familiar with books by Val McDermid? My daughter gavc me the Norweigian translation of "The Torment of Others" (Andres noed" in Norwegian) which I'm reading. It is excellent. He's a British author with aquite a few books translated to Norwegian. (I used to live in Swewden and Denmark, so can manage Norwegian).
I just published my latest novel "Betrayal" available from Ever had a one night stand that ended in a paternity case? "Betrayal" is something like that, with a twist. The one night stand was in Moscow in a KGB plot. My protagonist is suspected of being a sleeper agent. Oh, my.
Val McDermid is a she. Very good author of thriller/profiling novels from Scotland. I'm not as happy with her police procedurals, which strike me as rather cozy.


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