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Not sure about that Ph.D. I think she prepared for the civil service and worked in it for a while. You could check her web site.
I stand corrected. I was a history major and have always been impressed with the accuracy of her historical information. Guess I promoted her in my head.
:) A truly lovely compliment.
I used back to back get-away flights to read through a series by Jess Lourey. She calls them Murder by the month. I found September in the store and after liking it ordered the May-August books. Quick reads, small town settings. Quirky characters. the I read Evanovich's Wicked Appetites and finished it off with Robert Parker's (RIP) Painted Ladies.
I saw that John Theorin's "The Darkest Room" won the Dagger Award in the UK. I do believe that is the best book I've read this year.
I need to get that next. :)
Picked up and quickly discarded: Jeffrey Archer, FALSE IMPRESSION. (mindless drivel); Marshall Browne, INSPECTOR ANDERS AND THE SHIP OF FOOLS (as a thriller this falls flat: I don't relate well to the blowing up 16 executives in a glass cube conference room by terrorists who are survivors of the Bader-Mainhof gang); Raymond Chandler, THE HIGH WINDOW (a sacred cow, but horribly dated and with flat characters and an abundance of lengthy description of trivial details).
And just started (what a relief!) Peter Robinson, ALL THE COLORS OF DARKNESS. A very fine police procedural which is utterly believable, both in plot and character. A Chief Inspector Banks novel. Highly recommended,
I'm currently desperately searching for a plan to catch up with some very overdue review books and not being the most imaginative person when I'm panicking, last night I came up with the very cunning method of reading one review book from each letter of the alphabet until I get my act together a bit.

So I'm currently reading Pelagia and the Red Rooster by Boris Akunin which is the third sister Pelagia book. I've read his other series before but this is the first one from this, so this should be interesting. Let's hope I can remember this cunning plan until at least, I don't know, D.
I finished Carola Dunn's STYX AND STONES and started her RATTLE HIS BONES. I don't see any connection between STYX and the subject matter, but I enjoyed the story about poison pen letters. This new one is, so far, about a theft of gems from the Natural History Museum in London. Dunn's stories are light but clever.
i'm probably the last person on Earth who hasn't read 'the girl with the dragon tattoo'. i've started it and am a third of the way through. everyone has said to persevere through this section but, man, this book so needs a good edit. there is so much detail that isn't required. it just slows the pace. i'm plowing on and hoping for the best.
I haven't read any of the Larsson series either, Jacqui.


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