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I think that, in addition to the plot and likable characters, that she wants to comment on social issues, such as class in the UK, crime, racism, sports heroes, etc.  What's nice is that she sees the complexity in these issues and doesn't come down predictably conservative or liberal.  Maybe this is one of the reasons that she needs more words.

Well now, wasn't it in the last one I just wrote about that she was preaching to the reader about the poor teens who ended up committing a torture murder of a toddler because their parents didn't love them?  That novel really got to me, especially since one of them grew up to such a nice person.  It offends against believability and strikes me as far out liberal.  It also offends my sense of justice.
Hear! Hear!
Yeah, I forgot about that one.  I do think her earlier books are better.

Having one of those dreaded summer lurgies has an upside in that you get a LOT of reading done.  I've been grazing (for want of a better term) - Saints of New York by R.J. Ellory, Dark Blood by Stuart MacBride, The Genesis Flaw by L.A. Larkin, Harbour by John Ajvide Lindqvist, The Sex Club by L.J. Sellers, Rumpole and the Reign of Terror by John Mortimer and now The Redeemer by Jo Nesbo.  Next up... goodness knows but I do have one more "N" book to go and then onto "O" in my self-imposed alphabetical challenge.  Or I could get distracted by something alluring from the stacks - it has been known to happen....


what are your thoughts on the Stuart MacBride, Karen?  I haven't read it yet.  Just finished Michael Robotham's Bleed for Me which was creepy and dark as usual. 
Loved it Jacqui - not quite as gory as recent outings - but it's another one that features Steel and it's quite an interesting premise as well.
hmm, the macbride is now on to-be-bought list!
Robotham is very good, as I recall.  McBride was very good to start with, but the constant dismemberment stories finally got too sickening and repetitive. Perhaps his new one is better.
As much as I enjoy MacBride, I have to agree.  The dismemberment and the constant harrassment of poor old logan macrae started to get me down in the last one.  So my hopes are up for this one.
I have MacBride's COLD GRANITE and haven't read it yet. Word of mouth on that one is great. You don't usually find much repetition in a first novel, so I expect to enjoy it.
yeah, i loved cold granite - got me hooked.


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