I've read a couple of books recently where most of the characters are just flat out iccky people. The sorts of people that if you encountered them in the bar you'd be frantically pretending that somebody needed you urgently... over there.

But then I got to thinking, who would I drink with?

Who would you drink with?

Or are you a tea and crumpets kind of person and which of those fictional characters are the ones that you'd drag out the posh clothes and go for afternoon tea with?

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Jack Irish - of course - how could I forget Jack. But we'd need to bring the 'Roy boys as well if that's the case. That would mean football talk........ ick
If there was a buffett then i'd invite Dr Hannibal Lecter as he'd be good company as long as he has a full stomach. If I was feeling talkative, I'd ask Joe Pike as he's a good listener, but if it was a rough bar then I'd ask Jack Reacher and if I felt like raising hell then I'd ask Jack Taylor. If it was a romantic evening then I'd ask Angie Gennaro.

I'd love to go drinking with Louis and Angel from John Connolly's Parker series-Charlie too while we're at it. We'd have a great time and no lame ass barflies would bother me.
Would I actually have to SAY anything to them or could I just sit and listen? I have no clue who I would actually talk to but would dress nice and have tea with Morse. Only then I would have to pay. Richard Jury. That is who I will pick to invite. He likely won't make me talk.
How about Diane Fry? A few drinks might do her the world of good!
Might be interesting to get Ben Cooper hammered, too. Imagine how he'd blush the next day.
Monday, Craig Johnson's..Walt Longmire
Tuesday, C.J. Box's...Joe Pickett
Wednesday, John Connolly's..Charlie Parker
Thursday, W. Kent Krueger's .. Cork O' Connor
Friday, P.J. Parrish's...Louis Kincaid
Saturday, J.A. Konrath's Jaqueline "Jack" Daniels
On Sunday, I would kick back with Steve Hamilton's...Alex McKnight at the Glasgow Inn.
What a week!
I thought about Joe Pickett, but he'd probably want to leave early to get home to his wife. That's no fun! On, the other hand, he is a seriously cool guy, and I've always pictured him as being very rugged and good looking, so what's not to like.
I would have to invite Modesty Blaise because she has traveled widely and knows rather obscure stuff. I would also include Jack Reacher because I feel that despite how off putting he can be at times he is really cool! I would also add Ranger because he is the type of person you want at your back if a fight breaks out. I would also like to invite Kate Brannigan because I am sure that she would be able to worm information out of people. Harry Dresden and Eve Dallas!
Doctor Marion Ford and Tomlinson!
There are so many that it would have to be called a party unless one could have them one at a time forever so that there would always be someone to tip a few with. That would include Aud Torvingen, (Nicola Griffith) Kathy Mallory, (Carol O'Connell), Eve Dallas and Roarke, can't split them up lol, (J.D. Robb), another pair is Patrick and Angie (Denis Lehane), Sam Jones (Lauren Henderson), Kate Gillespi (Robin Burcell) and so many more.

The tea and crumpets thing is not really up my alley but if that were to occur I'd like to have Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot (Agatha Christie) maybe Jane Lawless, (Ellen Hart). I'm not into this area so I don't remember too many of them. Guess they didn't make a very big impression on me. (my way of saying that my memory is deficient)


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