I have been in a reading slump for several weeks. I have had difficulty reading the authors I usually enjoy! Does anyone have suggestions for how to get out of a slump?

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I love books, but lately I've been seeing more that I want to read, than I have time to read. Sadly, my "can't-wait-to-read" pile starts to feel like a "should" rather than a "can't wait"! It's sad.

To get back the can't-wait feeling, I walk into the bookstore and tell myself I'm going to find a new book, one way out of my norm, one that I don't "have" to read, and remember what it's like to feel like a kid in a candy store. With all those books, I always find one that gets me enthused again!

If that fails, I go to a couple movies. Story is story, after all!
Thanks spyscribbler,

I will give reading another genre a try.
I've found that when I'm having those kind of weeks, the only thing I can do is find something else to occupy my time until it passes. And just keep trying to read-save the books you know you've really been excited about for later and read the stuff that has seemed mildly interesting or like spyscribbler says, way outside of your norm. Sometimes your brain just needs the change.
Thanks norby,
I do different kinds of crafts so perhaps I will give that a try.
I feel for you Lillian....I go through this every so often also. I think I would go with Norby's suggestion and just do something else for a while until the urge hits again to get into a good book...and it will! Afterall an addiction is an addiction that must be fed just think of the down time as a palate cleanser

mmm... a palate cleaner, what a great way to look at it.
Oh, dear. Perhaps an evening or two of network television? I expect you'll be cured in no time! Or, you might try something completely different--a biography, perhaps, or a true crime book.

Good Luck. That's a hard place to be.
network Television??? I'm afraid that would put me to sleep unless it was something like Silent Witness or CSI. This has been the longest reading slump I have ever been in. I only read one book in March and I haven't ready any this month so far.
Doesn't that constitute cruel and unusual punishment though? Isn't there a law in the Geneva convention about that???
Perhaps this happens to us all from time to time. When it strikes me, I generally look for something that isn't my usual fare, as others have said. Sometimes, though, it's just a matter of waiting until it passes.
Hi Larry,

Thanks for your input. Hopefully the waiting/reading drought will end soon
I read constantly, so not reading is never an option for me. What I do when I'm in an unbreakable funk is re-read something I've read before and KNOW that I will love. That will usually break the cycle.


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