I have been in a reading slump for several weeks. I have had difficulty reading the authors I usually enjoy! Does anyone have suggestions for how to get out of a slump?

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Thank you David, I will give this a try.
I have a few tactics I use when that happens.
1. Dig out an old favourite . Reginald Hill usually does it for me.
2. Change tack. If I've been reading a lot of darker stuff, I go for a cozy. If police procedurals are getting stale, I try for a PI
3. I never let myself read anything by the same author too close together.
4. Change genre
5. Read a real stinkeroo. From cover to cover. Yes, it's painful but it gives you a real appreciation for the good stuff. (if you want the name of a stinkerroo or two contact me privately and I'll give you the names of some real doozies.)

I've been lucky this past month. I've read 4 in a row that are probably going to be on my tops for 2007 list.
Hope that's helpful to you.
Thank you Sunnie, your list is very helpful but I think I will pass on the stinkeroo. :)
LOL.. Can't think why.. Actually I do find them useful. Gives you an excuse to vent some spleen and really makes you appreciate most of what you read.


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