I recently turned in the revised copy (after editorial letter) of my Spring '10 book, REVENGE FOR OLD TIMES' SAKE. My publisher likes the revision, and naturally, I'm thrilled about that. But I'm not surprised, either, since I really threw everything I had into it. (Thanks again to those of you who were kind of enough to answer my lawyer question.)

While I was rewriting that book, I was also proofing the ARC for the first book in my other series, HIGH CRIMES ON THE MAGICAL PLANE. And I did rewrites on that book not long ago. Ditto with that publisher also liking it, and my pouring everything into that one as well.

Yeah, I'm pooped. Okay, my situation is unusual in that I have a demanding job/business and I'm writing two series, though others do as well. I also teach and do private editing, though I'm trying to cut back on those. Obviously, I'm outright crazy. But this has been such an exciting time for me, too.

Just wanted to share my progress with those books, and to throw out an observation/question. Published authors, do you remember how, before you were published, you thought having a book accepted was the end of a long climb of a tall mountain, instead of just the beginning of one?

To those of you still awaiting publication...my advice? Pace yourselves!


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Thanks, Lisa.

Congrats, Kris, on a job well done -- and may they do well for you in turn!

I've never worn rosy glasses, but I did take a more optimistic view of publishing when I was still geen. These days I'm an utter cynic. The problem is that everybody is concerned with money, while I care about my books and reputation.
Ingrid, I understand. It's hard for me to stay optimistic, having been around this book a few times. Publishing is sure not for the fainthearted today.

Thanks for the good wishes.

Kris, I loved this post. I once read that a Phyllis Whitney gave the advice that great books aren't written, they are re-written. Clearly re-writes, while exhausting, can fine tune to a book to its best.

I can't wait to read High Crimes!

Thanks, Karyne. I totally agree. As hard as refining a book is, I still think it's easier than writing from scratch, too.



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