I spent one terrible evening at my mother-in-law's house Saturday evening, trying to crank up the laptop and having to resort to dial up. Then the fastest line I can reach is 28.8 kbs. I can't believe we used to rely on this, and much slower.

Does anyone rely on a dial up line for their primary connection? How do you stay sane?

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I'm ready to whack you! It's a reminder of my daily stress.

Yes, I am still on the dreaded dial-up %#@?&*.

The cable stopped just down the block from us. I live in the woods and cannot get satellite.
My ISP doesn't have a DSL for me because the stupid phone company won't update the lines.
I even tried to coerce the cable company to our neighborhood but they said, "Not enough
people live in your area, sorry."

So, here I am, in the middle of the Ouachita Mountains, looking out floor-to-ceiling windows at
the best view you've ever seen—and knitting while waiting for things to scroll onto my computer!

Welcome to my blankety-blank world!
Hi Andrea,

Well, I'm going to enlist Chris Grabensteins assistance and try to relieve some of your frustration. No it won't get you a faster connection, but it might make you feel better. I'll ask Chris to name a future book: WHACK-A-MAGAYNA. Then everytime you think of me raising the dialup issue you can take that volume down and consider you've received some small level of revenge.

Although I can sense that someone that lives in a place called the Ouachita Mountains and has a great view doesn't have a lot of frustrations. Suck it up, lady !

Dave. Home and back on DSL but looking at a Bloom grocery store across the street.
Hi Patrick,

I guess we do what we can. From your picture (letting my imagination run), I have this image of you in the backwoods of Maine or the UP of Michigan and being thankful that you have phone service there. Still, 52 kbs, I would have considered a gift, considering the glacial movements of data at 28 kbs.

I guess there are tradeoffs with everything in life. Thanks for responding.
Patrick is in Maine, but you don't have to live in the UP of Michigan to be thankful you have phone service. My in-laws live an hour north of Detroit-they live on a dirt road, are to far out to have cable and any sort of dsl or high speed hookup for their computer. My father-in-law is too damn cantankerous and stubborn to get a satellite. After I realized that we could lay dead in their house for a week before anyone found us I cut back on my visits.
Sorry to hear that Patrick. I always thought is was the fillins' in your teeth.
Patrick, If I had to choose between giving up broadband access or my cell phone, the cell phone would be gone in a heartbeat. Let em send me an email or IM, or perish the thought, a land line.

I'm going to be in Maine this summer to visit some friends and attend a blues festival. I was up there in 1994 around Bangor and Bar Harbor.
When I had dial-up, I couldn't get Crimespace to load at all. It was the final straw in my growing frustration with problems that happened whenever I tried to do anything on the web. We have inadequate phone lines where I live but a cable tv connection and so, cable broadband, and I'm glad I got it. Makes all the difference in the world.
Being the patient person I am, when we had dialup I just lost interest...I just couldn't sit around, even if it was to read a book....I feel for those that are still sitting and waiting.
I was working at home when it was announced DSL would be available near my area. I hounded those people, and hounded my neighbors to hound those people to make my area one of the first to have it available. I think they did it just to shut me up. There were a few reliability problems at first (this was back in Bell Atlantic days), but now it is solid.
I'm on dial-up most of the time due to my travel. I can't commit to one place long enough to warrant any high-speed commitment. But---I am disappointed when I stay at a hotel that has the latest highspeed setup. It's not much faster than what I have. Pictures are the only significant difference.
Ha! The U.P. of Michigan is where I spend a lot of my summer. It is funny that it is depicted as the sticks. And it is. But, I use dial-up and it does the job. I have a cabin on the river, fifteen miles outta town and I really don't lack for service. The phone line is just fine.
See above where I describe my in-laws home.


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