I spent one terrible evening at my mother-in-law's house Saturday evening, trying to crank up the laptop and having to resort to dial up. Then the fastest line I can reach is 28.8 kbs. I can't believe we used to rely on this, and much slower.

Does anyone rely on a dial up line for their primary connection? How do you stay sane?

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Once we discovered internet cable, there was no going back. City is bringing DSL in for a much lower price, but I have never been impressed by its speed. Will have to do some hard thinking on whether or not we will switch.
I had dial up when I first got a computer. shortly thereafter I got
cable modem and the answer is no I'd never go back to dial up unless
that was all there was available. I down load a lot of stuff and so
speed is important. I don't want to be spending the time waitng for
something to come up when I could have finished something I was doing
in the time it took to bring any given site up. Some things you can't
get at all with dial up so that is the kicker for me.


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