Hello folks- not sure where to put this, but wanted to get the word out quickly about it.

Mystery writer and lipstick chronicle blogger Elaine Viets has had a massive stroke. She's in a Florida hospital, and doctors aren't sure whether she'll live. If she does make it. she's expected to be severely disabled.

I'm passing this along here because her husband Don expressed a wish that all of her friends be apprised as quickly as possible. So please keep Elaine and her family in your prayers.

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How horrible...I'm in St. Louis, where Elaine was a friendly face for many years. My prayers are with Elaine and her family.
This just sucks. I'm glad to see in the update that Elaine's expected to recover. My thoughts will be with her and her family.
Thank GOD for the good news update, huh? And Thank GOD for modern medicine, for that matter. They can do amazing things with stroke victims these days.
Oh, I'm so sorry. Elaine was wonderful to me and helped me out two of the five years I was chairing the Authors portion of a reading festival. I'll keep her in my prayers. Please keep us posted.
Is there an address where we can send a card? Does anyone know which hospital?
Just adding my thoughts here. Really suprised to learn this.
Pass on my thoughts and prayers to her family. Know how horribly scary such things can be.
Does anyone know if their is a Caring Bridge site for her at her hospital?
I've let the folks at LCC 2008 know.

This is terrible news. My heart goes out to her family . . . and to Elaine. I know she's got the determination to recover, to come through rehab strong and well.

What a horrid shock.
I am truly and deeply sorry to hear this. Elaine will go to the top of my prayer list.


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