I just noticed crimespace has 500 members. I really don't know how I managed to waste time before I joined this network. (The wonderful 4_mystery_addicts group has helped, but it can only do so much.) Thanks, Daniel - I have now become a tremendously efficient procrastinator, RSS feeds and all.

Do other people have hints about parts of crimespace, other than the forums, that can help me avoid doing any work at all?

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I haven't met too many people who don't look a bit rough in a bar (or anywhere else for that matter) at 5am on any morning. But then maybe it's just my eyes ... :)

And you're very wise to be ever vigilant around Aussies, Tribe - you just never know what we might do with that vegemite ...
Be careful, Tribe. We've brought along dropbears. Nasty creatures, they are.
You're most welcome, Barbara. Just remember that I supply the drugs, but it's up to all of you how you use them. ;)

The one thing I'd like to see people doing more of is to READ THE HELP SECTION. I've put a lot of time into writing and tweaking it. If people would just read it before they dive into Crimespace, I'm sure it would save a lot of headaches. Mostly mine.
So you're asking us to RTFM? You should know better!
I learned a lot in the help section just now. I'm looking forward to
May when I can put some music up on my page. I do have a question
though Daniel that I couldn't find an answer for there. Sometimes, well
most times when I have a "Friends's Request" whether it's been me
having invited them or them wanting to be one of my friends, the link
to add them doesn't always work. Sometimes it worked and didn't give
any indication that it worked but there a new person is.

I really like the way it has the "accept" or "reject" feature when it
works correctly. Not that I've rejected anyone but I like being able to
click on the accept button and then I know who's coming on and when.
I'm fairly illiterate when it comes to anything deep about how this
stuff works technically so I'm not even sure if I'm explaining what I
mean correctly. I guess what I mean though is that I wish it was
Only thing I can suggest is that sleep might get to be an endangered commidity. WIll not cut back on my reading time. Reading others posts here, I have missed quite a bit of the entrees on this new site. Will have to go boldy forth and explore more.

Lynn and I both have the 4MA url on our page.
I've been having fun with the videos and photos section, and playing around with my page. I couldn't agree more about crimespace being a terrible time waster :) Now I have to add the time I spend on this space to the time spent reading 4MA, Oz-mystery, and other email groups, well something's got to give, and I think it's sleep (it can't be housework - I gave that up a long time ago).


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