I always enjoy heading over to The Bloodstained Bookshelf (part of the Clueless webpage: http://www.cluelass.com/Shelf/FullShelf.html ) which lists most of the new mystery crime novels by publication date. I try to keep up-to-date on when many of my favorite authors are realeasing new books.

So the question is:

What are some of your most anticipated crime/mystery fiction releases in 2007?

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New Bruen,
Simon Kernick,
John Rickards (okay, so I've read it, haven't bought my copy yet, though),
Stuart MacBride,
Kevin Wignall,
Robert Fate,
Steve Mosby, the 50,50 Killer, anxiously awaiting that one,
Marshall Karp,
Duane Swierczywonderboy...

Books so far that I really enjoyed:
John Rickards: The Darkness Inside
Adrian McKinty: The Bloomsday Dead
Carol Anne Davis: Sob Story
Allan Guthrie: Hard Man

Probably dozens I'm forgetting. See, hell, finally have my hands on some Ray Banks but Evil Kev is hogging him. I should have married someone who reads romance so I wouldn't have competition for my books!
But would you really want to be married to a man who reads romance books?
Probably not. The male version of romance books is called porn, isn't it?

(Okay, I'll be spanked for that...)
Actually I think the male version of romance novels is the stuff Tom Clancy writes.
Patience of the Spider by Andrea Camilleri
The Damned Season by Carlo Lucarelli
Kennedy's Brain by Henning Mankell
Zig Zag by Jose Carlos Somoza
First Among Sequels by Jasper Fforde
Beneath the Bleeding by Val McDermid
The Draining Lake by Arnaldur Indridarson
In the Flesh by Ruth Rendell
And of course the final Rebus book by Ian Rankin!
I'm looking forward to "Broken Skin" by Stuart MacBride. He always writes such wholesome stories suitable for the entire family.

Others equally worthly of mention:

"Baby Shark's Beaumont Blues" By Robert Fate
Since we just got "Cross" today, then "Ammunition" by Ken Bruen
"Donkey Punch" by Ray Banks
"The Overlook" by Michael Connelly
"A Perfect Grave" by Rick Mofina
"Severance Package" by Duane Swierczynski


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