What is the single most valuable -- or important -- piece of advice you received from:
1. a writer
2. a bookseller
3. a reader
4. a reviewer
5. an editor
6. an agent

when you first started your journey as a
1. writer
2. published writer?

I can't wait to read these!

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I still think we might have been sisters separated at birth. You're right. I'm still looking for more ideas because right now I'm in this weird place of feeling horridly audacious. How can I presume to tell someone else how to "Think Published?" What can I add to the conversation with newer writers to help them on this path -- to encourage them at the same time I'm realistic enough that they're not in for a horrid shock down the line?

And, this workshop is supposed to be "dynamic" with "hands-on" exercises. If I was doing something on straight marketing, it would be easy; I've got great workshops already created for that.

But this one is more psychological -- IMHO -- and I'm stuck. I know I'll have a strong workshop by the time the day comes . . . I just want it to be really useful for the attendees. That matters to me.
The most valuable advice/info I got from:
1. a writer--get an agent
2. a bookseller--smile (during my first book signing)
3. a reader--don't use the word cupped so much
4. a reviewer--don't pay attention to what anyone has to say about your book, including me
5. an editor--yes, we'd love to publish your book
6. an agent--your check is in the mail
Whats the best advice?
1. from a writer-be a good listener & write every day
2. from a bookseller-be nice to me (the seller)
3. a reader-tell me a story
4. a reviewer-write whole characters warts & all
5. an editor-proof, proof, proof
6. an agent-be a professional

I started my journey as a writer as a child. I started my journey as a published writer in trade journals in grad school and as a published poet in my late twenties.


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