Just wondered how many of you use your actual name as your author name or if you prefer a pen name.

I chose the pen name, Morgan Mandel. Not that my actual name is that bad, but lots of people seem to not be able to spell it or think it starts with a different letter than it does.
I wanted an easy name to spell, easy to remember and find on the shelves.

Since my first book is totally in a male point of view, when I picked a name I chose an androgenous first name so guys reading it wouldn't feel embarrassed being seen reading a book by a woman author. Still, the copyright does show my actual name for the Doubting Thomases, so I can say, yes, I really did write that book!

What do the rest of you do?

Morgan Mandel

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Well, my professional name isn't too different from my real name. I use initials for my books. But I keep the two separate, and keep a separate e-mail adress for fans (from my web side). I attend signings and conventions under my professional name.

Still, keep in mind librarians will breakyour pseudonym and list your real name on the Internet, and chances are good that the copyright page will list your legal name. :)
I know, it's kind of a delusion to think one could become well-known without one's real name being made public, but at this point, I don't know if I'm any good or not, so maybe the pen name is a hedge. If I send out the book and get a huge positive response, I may decide to publish under my own name. Whereas, if it gets uniformly trashed, "I" won't be the one to absorb it, my pen persona will.

Huh. I didn't realize that until I wrote it just now.

My real name is short and eye-catching, but it's not easy to pronounce, so I'm not sure what I'll do, should the rubber actually one day meet the road.




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