I understand that Cormac McCarthy's earlier books are hard reading, but his Pulitzer Prize winning "The Road" is not only is easy reading, although with some unusual punctuation, but is one of the best books I have read in years. Every time I think about it I'm excited by the writing all over again.

It's a post apocalyptic tale about a father and young son, about ten, who are trying to get to a warmer climate since winter is coming fast.

I followed the two characters feeling not just sympathy but empathy. Even when nothing his happening there is tension, because you know something bad could happen in the very next--or at the very end of the well more than 100 small sections.

At the end, I was afraid to turn pages, for fear of how it might end. My only complaint is that the last paragraph of the book was some kind of poetic prose about nature in general when he book was not about just nature, but about human nature.

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I just finished it a few days ago - echo all the positive sentiments, but in terms of the language it did feel more streamlined than McCarthy's early works. In a weird way, this is as close as he'll ever get to writing a young adult novel.


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