Let's all give props and some wet monkey love to Bryon Quertermous and little Davey White for their GUMSHOE AWARD!

DEMOLITION MAGAZINE - one of, if not thee, finest online publication of short fiction has won the Gumshoe Award for Best Crime Fiction Web Site.

Congrats, boys. Have a cigar and hooker on me. Well, not literally.

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That is fucking awesome. Congratulations, guys. It's a great venue.

And if you do take Guyot literally, I'll give you twenty dollars.
Congrats, guys. Thanks for the fine hours spent reading Demolition.
Well deserved. Must be an awful lot of work.
Can I send monkey hugs?

Oh, heck. I will anyway! Big, congratulatory monkey ***hugs*** to both of you guys! (Unless monkey love means something really dirty, in which case I will be very embarrassed. But it wouldn't be the first time--that I was embarrassed, I mean.)
How cool is that? Mega congrats, guys. And Bryon gets an extra congrats for letting me drag him around Fifth Avenue the other day. He hardly complained at all!
Congratulations, ya fuckers......
Congrats, but make sure the cigar is fresh and the hooker cheap. Or is that the other way around?


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