About half-way through my ARC of SAFE AND SOUND, by J.D. Rhoades. Unless names are changed in the final version, you'll find some of the characters' names suspiciously familiar: Gerritsen, Rankin, Healey, Clancy, Leonard....okay, those could be coincidental. Maybe even FBI agents named Guthrie and Starr. But agent Swierczynski?

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:-). Ya caught me.

I sometimes grab character names off the spines of books on the bookshelf in the bedroom where I write. These were originally just placeholders, but in rewrites, I figured, "Heh. Why not a shout out to my peeps?"

Healy, however, has another story behind it. The first novel I ever wrote (the one that never got published) featured an investigator for a law firm named Black, Diamond, and Healy. You met Black and Diamond, but never met Healy until this book. Sorry, Jeremiah...
That's cool Dusty! I think it's a lot of fun to use real names of friends. Stuart MacBride used Rickards in his newest book. I'm actually in an author's manuscript, or at least was asked for permission to have my name used.
That's it! I've got to read it now.


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