Okay, let's have some fun. Here are three prompts. It's up to you to complete the simile:

Skinny as...

Flat as...

Angry as...

Looking forward to seeing some original and funny ones!

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Can we assume you've been disappointed lately, Karen? ;)
I like that, Margot. Nice poem.
I read and re-read your poem. It rides that line between prose and lyric. (Not to mention there are two great titles in that last line. Nice work.
Skinny as the chance of another Bush getting elected President.

Angry as Alec Baldwin talking to an 11-year old.

Flat as any ideas I had on the word FLAT at 3 in the morning. I'm going back to bed.
LOL, Jordan! Hope you were able to get back to sleep.
Skinny as a junkie's chances of drawing a pension.

Flat as a hedgehog on a motorway.

Angry as a sunburnt goth.
Whoa! A sunburnt goth...mighty angry indeed, LOL!


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