I'm not sure how many of you are aware of this, but since I started Crimespace, I have been trawling through the blog posts and choosing five to feature on the main page. Every day, sometimes twice a day, depending on the frequency of member postings.

Since membership has increased, the number of posts coming through each day has increased proportionally, thus making the job of choosing posts each day more difficult. And more time consuming.

Hopefully you all won't mind me switching the blog display on the main page from 'Featured' to 'Recently Added'. I've also changed the number displayed to the last ten, just to give people enough time to read the posts.

Otherwise, everything's running smoothly here of late, so everybody ... get back to drinking!

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I'll have a G&T please.

And thanks for all you do, Daniel. I know how time-consuming this has been for you. Considering the traffic volume, the number of members and all of that, it's been pretty smooth sailing.
With this change, I can possibly have days where I don't have to do anything to maintain Crimespace. Which lets me do more drinking. I mean, writing.
Yes Daniel, I'll second Sandra's sentiment. I'll go even further - in the words of Sinead O'Connor - "noTHing compares, to you..."

Or something like that.
Steven, I could have sworn I just heard your voice break.
Thanks for everyting you do Daniel - you do a great job. I must admit, I was amazed that you found the time to go through all the posts and pick some out to feature. You should be able to enjoy Crimespace as much as we do.
And thank you too, for all the great stories!
Thanks for the kind words, Margot. Now that all the blogs are accessible from the link underneath them, drinks can be found at the top of the main page (or sneakily hidden by the word 'poison').

Might be time to start hunting down the more exotic fluids...
All you have to do is add the tag word 'drinks'. If you go to the photo's page you can either click on Edit Photo or the little 'tag' icon at the top left. Then just type in 'drinks'.
Yikes, you were doing that by hand?! I thought it already was automatic. In that case, I agree wholeheartedly with your decision. Happy drinking! And writing, of course.
My theory was to let the good stuff stick around for at least a day. Now, new posts will roll the old ones away, but I feel a little relieved already.
Automation is a wonderful thing. Now get back to writing.
Yes, sir!


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