(for a list and links to the authors / books).

There are a lot of nominees again, but which ones have you read?

Best Crime Fiction

The Undertow – Corris, Peter *
Spider Trap – Maitland, Barry *
Without Consent – Fox, Kathryn *
Undertow – Bauer, Sydney
A Knife Edge – Rollins, David A *
The Murderer's Club – Martin, P D *
The Unknown Terrorist Flanagan, Richard
The Tesla Legacy – Barrett, Robert G.
Hit Moss, Tara *
Chain of Evidence – Disher, Garry *
And Hope to Die – Calder, J M *
Inspector Anders and the Blood Vendetta – Browne, Marshall *
The Mother – McBean, Brett
The Lady Splash – Brooks, Kirsty *
The Night Ferry – Robotham, Michael *
Vale Byron Bay – Grogan, Wayne
The Cleaner – Cleave, Paul *

Best First Crime Novel

The Betrayal of Bindi Mackenzie – Moriaty, Jaclyn
Behind The Night Bazaar – Savage, Angela *
Diamond Dove – Hyland, Adrian *
Equinox – White, Michael *
Upshot – Trigger, John *
Blood on a Blue Line – Caple, Steve
The Cleaner – Cleave, Paul *
Prismatic – Grey, Edwina
Carnies – Livings, Martin
Better Dead than Never – Boulanger, Laurent
The Curer of Souls – Simpson, Lindsay *

Best True Crime

After Port Arthur – Altman, Carol *
Sick to Death – Thomas, Hedley
Things a Killer Would Know – Doneman, Paula
My Brother's Keeper – Miranda, Charles & Kamper, Angela
Australian Outlaw – Pedley, Derek *
Girls Like You – Sheehan, Paul
The Dodger – McNab, Duncan *
Intractable – Matthews, Bernie
Inside Madness – Sweet, Melissa
Written On The Skin – Porter, Liz *
The Maria Corp Case – Crawford, Carly *
Done Like A Dinner – Harvey, Sandra & Cooke, Jennifer
Overboard The Stories Cruise Ships Don’t Want Told Topham, Gwyn
Killing for Pleasure The Definitive Story of the Snowtown Murders
- Marshall, Debi *
Silent Death – Kissane, Karen *
Cold Blooded Murder – Brown, Malcolm *
Justice For The Dead – Dodd, Malcolm & Knight, Beverly
The Australian Crime File 2 Kidd, Paul B *
The Beat Fenn, I J

* Marks the ones I've got so far

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Damn it. I haven't read a single one.

But I do plan on writing a novel called MY UNDERTOW. It's bound to be a sure thing next year.
I'm shooting for "Trapped in a Terrorist Undertow Behind the Murderers' Club Ferry on Van Byron Bay." It might be a little long, but just printing it on the top of every page should push my word count into the 80,000's.
Weird the way that seems to happen in a single year isn't it Daniel.

But you're right - you do have to get moving on that local reading!

Diamond Dove - believe me I'll be at the Ned Kelly night doing my pathetic fan routine! In fact, there looks like there's going to be another reasonably sized 4MA MWF gathering - with chocolate tours again this year.
Done Like A Dinner is one of the books I've got to get hold of, I guess you could call it a cookbook, but I think they're talking about cooking up something slightly different from food :) :) :)
Shamefully I've read none of these; it takes an age for the vast majority of Australian crime fic to be readily available in the UK. Michael Rowbotham and Kathyrn Fox are the only names from the list that are familiar from UK bookshelves. I'm so looking forward to the UK release of Diamond Dove.


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