I tried to search members to find out, but that didn't seem to work, so I'm trying a forum post!

I'm from Chatham, in industrial north Kent - not the pleasant Garden of England part. My speciality is crime fiction locations, which is why I set up my WhereDunnit website - www.wheredunnit.com

Who else is from the UK?

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I currently live in South East London and work in Central London. Chatam is not too far away from me.
I live in mid-Wales. Does that count?
Born in Maidstone. My family then lived in lived in Russia, Portugal, England (Richmond, Surrey), Peru, back to Richmond, Washington DC (though I was educated all the while in England). Spent my 20s and early 30s as a proper 80s/90s yuppie in Fulham, now live in sunny West Sussex.

And my locations, so far, are Paris, Geneva, the middle of the English Channel, London, Gstaad, Antibes, Moscow and Kosovo!
I'm originally from East Kilbride too, and moved to Aberdeen when I was two. Which was a wee while ago...
Hello, I was born and raised in Brixton, moved to Borehamwood-home of the Old MGM studios etc, from thence to Stevenage and now live in Immingham,which is pretty near Grimsby on the north-east coast of Lincolnshire. I must admit I am intrigued by your website. Certainly a well chosen name that wnt be forgotten any time soon. I'll check it out right now.



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