Hi. I've already posted this on the mybook forum page so apologies if you've seen it there. I'm not sure of the protocol of this and hope I'm not committing some cardinal sin that will see me and my books stacked up at the bottom of a stake. It's just that I'm planning to visit the USA later in the year (don't know the dates yet - October, Novermber-ish) and suggested to my publisher that i'd be prepared to do some bookshop visits, signings, workshops, talks, whatever. The first of my books to be published in the USA - Material Evidence is due out later this summer. My aim is to stay with friends in Rhode Island then Florida and my publisher's asked if I have any ideas of bookstores I'd recommend. Needless to say, I haven't. I'll ask my US friends, of course, but I wondered whether any of you had any suggestions as to places, friendly managers, readerships hungry for a guy with a funny accent to talk to them, etc. I'd also appreciate any indications of the sort of things American readers expect/prefer when authors visit. Thanks in advance.

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Thanks a lot JD. I posted this query as a tentative cry for help - the replies I've received are all suggesting ways of turning the trip into a very positive promotional excursion. I don't think I'll make Seattle, but Cambridge Mass is a great suggestion.


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