Okay, let's hear your recommendations. We saw ONCE--great, thumbs-up. Went to Ken Watanabe's MEMORIES OF TOMORROW. It was sappy and melodramatic, yet I was still affected. In terms of mystery/crime flicks, haven't seen many recently, other than Clint Eastwood's A PERFECT WORLD with Kevin Costner on DVD. Really good movie--best acting from Costner. Don't remember hearing about it when the movie first came out. Bad title. And as I mentioned in the last movie thread, finally saw BRICK and adored it. You have to listen to the director's commentary. Very informative.

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The Dead Girl is very good--showing how the death of a drug addict/hooker played by Brittany Murphy effects the lives of different people, including the wife of the serial killer who committed the murder.
Saw THE DEAD GIRL this weekend. It was indeed amazing. The segment on the serial killer's wife was so haunting and disturbing. Great acting all around.
I loved Once, Waitress, and Away From Her. Paris, J'Etaime was okay. 1408 was mildy disappointing although Cusack almost saved it.
Just got back from Knocked Up. It is very much in the style of 40 Year Old Virgin. No surprizes, there. Still some LOL scenes and not bad character development. Be prepared for frat/stoner humor.
You know, I hated KNOCKED UP. I did like 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN, however. I guess I'm just not part of this movie's prime demographic.
The best movie I've seen this year is Paul Verhoeven's BLACK BOOK. If it's still in a theater near you, it's a must-see. Speaking of Kevin Costner, I enjoyed MR. BROOKS -- an entertaining if nutty thriller. On DVD, you can't miss with ARMY OF SHADOWS.

Guess what, Naomi? Eddie Muller is bringing the Noir City festival we spoke about in Part 1 of this thread to my neck of the woods, Seattle, next month. I've already got my tickets. Can't wait.
Great news about the Noir City festival. Hope they have the screenings in an old theatre. Have a great time. And BLACK BOOK--I'll have to look that up.
Just to report on a few more movies we've seen:

+ The latest DIE HARD movie (is it bad that I can't remember the exact title?) We saw this in a cool, comfortable theatre on a scorching L.A. day, and it was great fun. Bruce Willis was in his element and he has really taken care of his body -- I almost believed that he could withstand everything "the bad guys and gals" were dishing out at him (except for the fighter jet). I've been a big fan of the Apple computer commercial actor who played Willis' sidekick as well.

+ DVD rentals -- besides THE DEAD GIRL, VOLVER (loved it, Penelope Cruz can indeed act!), PAN'S LABYRINTH, and SWEET LAND. All good.
Charlie Bartlett. Officially lands in theatres on Aug 3rd. Not crime, but good.
This sounds familiar. What's it about and who stars in it?
Anton Yelchin (Alpha Dog, Huff) stars as Charlie Barnett, a pleasant teen ager that is an optimist whose various schemes have gotten him kicked out of a number of private schools.

He ends up going to a public school and, after a rough first couple of days, ends up acting as the school psychologist. He provides honestl advice and psychiactric medications ("supplying psychiatric drugs to high schoolers is like openning a lemonade stand in the desert") to those in need.

Robert Downey Jr. plays the principle and Hope Davis is Charlie's disfunctional mother.
Finally was able to rent ZODIAC, but haven't seen it yet. A popular DVD pick for this week. For those who saw it, what did you think? I'll check back after viewing it.


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