Today I took my first baby-steps onto Facebook. I linked my page there to Crimespace - of course! - but I can't do the reverse (I don't think) because there's only space for one website on my page, that I can see.

Anyway, it struck me that maybe we could have a central pool of links to our respective MySpace and Facebook Pages so that (a) we'd all suddenly get a heap more friends and (b) it would help both us as individuals and Crimespace as a site to get more network action going.

Maybe this is nuts, but here's me setting the ball rolling with this link ...

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I created a crimespace group over at facebook. Feel free to join.
I just did. It's you and me, babe. Now we've just got to get everyone else in on the act!
By the way, anyone can join facebook now - it used to be only for college students, then was opened for high schoolers. Now it's wide open. Though chances are you'll rediscover some college roommates if you sign on.

For what it's worth the freshman students I taught last fall checked their e-mail once a day. Facebook, maybe 150 times.


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