A sneak peek at my new book on police procedure and investigation

Hi guys. Writers Digest Books has just released a sneak peek at my new book. Here's the link if you're interested.


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Hey, Lee! I already looked and commented earlier elsewhere and am soooo impressed! This book is going to be immensely useful to anyone who writes police procedurals set in the U.S. Congrats and much good luck!
Thanks, Ingrid. I hope it's useful. I really spent a lot of time trying to focus on the things writers need to know. It's not the normal reference book.
Hey, Lee. Nice to meet you at Deadly Ink. When is this puppy for sale?
It was nice meeting you, too, Jack. Deadly Ink was a fun conference. Are you and the 600 lb tuna going to any others this year?

The book scheduled for release on August 6. It's already available for pre-orders on all the usual outlets.
I decided that tuna's much too big to lug around anymore. I'm getting a plastic replica for my mini tour of California. And consider yourself one book closer to bestsellerdom, Lee--I'm ordering one now from an independent bookstore. It sounds like just what I need.
Oh yeah, I saw that tour schedule. Congratulations. I know a lot of people in those areas. I'll warn...er, tell them you're coming...
Thanks Kelly. When we do meet (I'm sure I'll be doing a signing at Kate's Mystery Books) I'll have to introduce you to my wife. She's also a microbiologist. In fact, she the Director of Microbiology for a local pharma company.
What a brainy girl like that doing with you, slick? :-)
Good question. Maybe I'm just a convenient guinea pig for her clinical trials.


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