This might not be a huge deal for some, but it's something I've tried to implement for a while now without success.

If you look at the top of the page you'll see four new tabs, replacing the 'links' section that used to be on the main page. The four tabs take you directly to the appropriate pages, and are labelled: Help, Press, Resources, and Store.

Boy, do I feel crafty now.

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Daniel, thank you for all your hard work on this community. It works well and it's growing at a remarkable pace. The new additions will be helpful, I'm sure.

I oiled all four wheels on my shopping cart and then gently tapped the "Store" tab. Nice, nicer, nicest. I think my Christmas list just got a whole lot simpler! Cheers, Daniel! Well done.
I saw your writeup in Mystery Scene. Congrats, brother!
Again, thanks you do a great job for our little piece of the internet.
Thanks to all. But you really don't need to thank me. Crimespace is a lot of fun and, one day, when I've actually finished a novel, it might just help me get it published.
Great, will check the new tabs out right now :)
Sorry, but I have no idea how else to get in touch with you, Daniel. Something's gone haywire between my e-mail and the forum. I now get a message any time somebody posts. Needless to say that fills the mailbox very quickly. Any way of fixing it?


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