I'm not sure where to ask, so I figured the Main Bar's as good a place as any.

Do any of you find that when you edit your "My Page," the spacing of paragraphs goes all screwy--even if you haven't touched those portions in your editing process? I find that I'll make a chance to something way up at the top of my page, click on save, and when the new page reloads, there's tons of new white space between paragrahs lower down on the page. I often have to go back 2 or 3 times to close up the spaces.

Anyone else experiencing this?


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I had some problem and had to delete and start over again. Can't remember just what it was, though.
Ken, if you're talking about your crimespace 'box' at the top of your page, the idea is that you're supposed to enter raw HTML code. If you don't, the editor tries to guess what you're doing and adds extra paragraph breaks.

To avoid this, you can enclose paragraphs within these two commands: <p> and </p>

It is a little unwieldy, but once you get it right, it does stay that way.

You can always drop me a line or leave a comment on the help page in the future.

If this is the same thing that happens with Blogger, I'm guessing that in "edit mode," all you have to do is:

1. Go to the end of the sentence, using your "End" key.
2. Then click "Delete," just once.

With Blogger, it adds a space and an extra line after you save it, giving you two lines between paragraphs instead of one. Hopefully the above will remedy the situation.


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