stuff that isn't research? I'm sitting here today writing like mad and I have some great (crime) novels to read. I find I feel reluctant to put the writing to the side however. And yes, I know I'm a total nutcase--when I take a break it's rarely a break as such. I know I need to read, but I hate to take the time! Please go easy on me!

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you're correct of course. a new discipline is about to be entered in my life. honest!
You gotta read. I think at least as much time should be spend reading as writing, and I spend quite a bit of time writing. Aside from keeping the batteries charged, you can never tell when you're going to come across something (a turn of phrase, piece of plot, a caper) that might help with somethng you're currently dissatisfied about in your current project.

And, it's just fun. You deserve a break once in a while.
thank you. i know you're right. I just have to do it. going to switch over to a novel "just as soon as I finish this bit...! swear to God!
I used to feel the same way. I have two young children and make money freelancing, so when I wasn't taking care of the boys, I was writing - if not freelance, then fiction. Budget was a concern (part of why I worked so much). The only reading I did was to my older boy at night, and that was hardly stimulating! Eventually I got a library card and checked a few books out. I'd forgotten how very much I love reading! And it's so important for the kids, too, to see me doing it. So now I make it a priority - even though I do have to take time out of writing in order to read.
So you make time. I'll have to. Thanks, Christa.
I try to keep up with the buzz and I also follow the careers of my favorite authors. Granted, there is little time. That explains why I lose patience very quickly when a book turns out to be a slow starter or mediocre.
Yes - and why I am so picky about what I read. I have a hierarchy that involves people who have done me favors or been supportive of me/my writing in some way, as well as my personal favorites. I do discover new writers this way, but not as many as I'd like!
so there's always the constant pressure of not being able to read as much as you'd like. When I posed this question, I wrote for a while and took a break of a couple of hours! and was reading! i heed advice!
I agree with both I.J. and Christa. Re-read an old favorite if you have to. The joy and benefit of reading will come right back.
just doing that! Ed McBain at the minute! so good. thanks to all of you for your advice.
I know what you mean. so in that way, right there--for a newbie like myself, it'll be a good learning experience as well.
I say you've gotta read. To me, it's the way to keep up on what's out in the market, what's selling and how to hone your craft. I read all the time and see things that bug me as a reader that I try to avoid as a writer.


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