Is anyone using Podcasting to market yourselves and your books?

I'm wondering if members of Crimespace should sponsor a podcast, which each member having the opportunity to participate to promote themselves and their books. I don't have a clue how to set something like that up, but it seems to me it could be offered in conjunction with the Virtual Book Tour Concept used by some Crimespace members (something else of which I'm interested in figuring out how to do for myself).

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I listen to a few podcasts, but none of them are literary in nature (music, news, comedy).

Are there some successful literary podcasts out there (and I mean original podcasts, not repackaged NPR and such)? What kind of audiences do they get?

Podcasting is a lot of work, and you have to keep at it for a while to get listeners. I think it could be a good idea, but it would require a podcaster who was willing to work at it on a regular basis for many months without much initial return.
Kevin - my favourite site for podcasts is this one:

They have a series called "Behind the Black Mask: Mystery Writers Revealed, which has featured writers such as Megan Abbott, Jason Starr, Teresa Schwegel, Al Guthrie, Duane Swierczynski, David Corbett. They also have a series about film noir which is equally excellent. I download them to my ipod.
You're such a tech-head, Donna! Podcast this, download that ... :)
Hahahahaha just to destroy the illusion, I had to get someone to set up my ipod and show me how to do stuff. I can't even change a plug without fusing the whole house :o) I'm more like my mother, who insists on calling the internet 'the microwave'.
Hi Donna: While I'm a little beyond the "microwave" stage, I'm certainly no guru, but want to use whatever techy stuff is out there to promote my books. Just trying to figure out the most efficient, interesting and entertaining way to do so
Thanks, Donna - that looks really interesting.

Will mos def check out the film noir podcast as well.
I was thinking that rather than waiting for people to come to you/listen, you could incorporate it into a virtual book tour--offer replays as part of the package of a virtual tour. The idea is just germinating.

Here is MY literary podcast, NETDRAG, which debuted last Wednesday, June 25th. I've had 188 "listens" as of today, Sunday, the 29th. I plan on having Episode #2 up on the net within the next two weeks and my guest for this next show will be mystery author Lonnie Cruse of the "Murder In Metropolis" series. Her most recent release is, "'Fifty-Seven Heaven."
Writer Robert Gregory Browne does a great job in integrating technology in his websites. (He has a joint podcast site with Brett Battles.)

Check out his videocast on today's Murderati:
Naomi: Thanks for this lead. I'll check it out later today when I have more time--Doug


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