Yes, that's the actual title. Whatever, I guess. It's Indy. It's Marion. I'll watch. At least it wasn't INDIANA JONES AND THE ATTACK OF THE CLONES.

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Hey, at their ages, maybe it should be called "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Plastic Hip."

You know what? They could have called it "Indiana Jones and the Walker of Doom" and I'd be first in line next May.
An extra on the set has spilled the beans regarding a bit of the plot.

Really looking forward to it. I heard what it's about, but I won't say, so I don't spoil it for anybody.
I am So much looking forward to this. The first three remain my all time favourite movies. Haven't seen a lot of info on it other than Indy and Marion being there- will John Rhys Davies be back too? Middle son is named for him.
Last I heard, John Rhys Davies was not part of the project.
You are correct, Davies is not involved with it.
John Hurt has been confirmed as Abner Ravenwood. Not sure if it will be flashbacks or Adner is still alive. His age would suggest flashbacks.
My love for the man behind the hat will definitely be finding me catching this movie opening weekend. That's a rare thing for me to do anymore, but Indy definitely warrants such treatment even if the title is funky.


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