If anyone can tell me how to create an embedded mp3 player (flash, whatever) for Blogger, I would be really, really grateful. I know noth-ink about how to write the code for this kind of dealio and I'm feeling dumb...and frustrated.

So help a sistah out (if you can)!

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Odeo is supposed to have an embeddable podcast player, but you have to sign up to add the feed and it's notoriously slow at updating. Podbean seems to be another option. I'm having a play around with it now.
Well, I know that podcasting sites have proprietary players, but unless I'm crazy (always possible), there's a non-proprietary, super-simple player out there. LibSyn has one, but the code looks terrible on blogger (stray bits of code hanging out above and below the player...yuck).
This one seems to work fine, but only if you use the option to have it open in another window, like the one I added over here.
And make sure to use the standard player, with option 2 or 3.
Yeah, I see that. Option one only works in the sidebar, and I want one for each blogpost. Thanks, Daniel. Very much appreciated!
I haven't tried this on blogger (I mostly use WordPress these days) so I'm not sure if this works in individual posts or not.
Thanks Barbara. It's a prettier player, but I tested it out and it's actually much slower to load than the simple button I went with. Also, the button player I chose pulls up all of the shows, which means folks can listen to whichever interview they want. Still...I have hopes to eventually (after a well-deserved break from techie headaches) find a nicer looking player for the blog.


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