I think the best actor to play James Bond is none other than Sean Connery. Runner up would be the other guy.

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Daniel Craig?
Oliver Reed was once mentioned as the sucesor to Sean Connery to play Bond but his reputation ruled him out, now that is a Bond I would have loved to have seen.
I have to respectfully disagree. I am a huge Connery fan but his distaste for the role was evident in the last several movies. He became a tad disinterested and it showed. Daniel Creig is, to my mind, perfect for the role. And amazingly enough, I read an article in which all of the past Bonds were asked what they thought of him and each one said he was the best Bond ever. That's one heck of an endorsement.

And speaking strictly from a hormonal standpoint, Daniel Creig is the most ruggedly sexy thing walking in film today. I am afraid I'd leave my husband on Christmas Sunday Morning if Creig crooked a finger.
I quite liked Daniel Craig in the role too. Mind you I'm not sure how long he'll stick to it. The danger is of being type cast in those roles isn't it.. I thought Clive Owen would make a reasonable Bond as well. More the looks of the traditional Bond.
True, Clive would have been a good one, too. It's kind of cool, though, with Creig. This has made him A list and yet he was saying if they ever decided to revive the original Star Trek, he would love to do Captain Kirk, LOL. Seems he's a huge fan of the series.

He's a typical British actor, as a opposed to American film star. Loves to work, is currently starring in a stage play, a revival of one Timothy Dalton made famous years ago, and loves to work in all mediums, TV included. Owens is the same, also Sean Bean, Liam Neeson and many others. Ego doesn't get into the way of a good part, not matter the medium. I really respect that.

Give me an Actor over a Star any day.
Best Bond ever? It's a toss up. Peter Sellers or Woody Allen. Okay, maybe not.

I think in his first couple of movies, Dr. No and From Russia With Love, Connery did a great job of capturing the Bond from the books. When it comes down to it, he's a thug. A thug with good taste, but still a thug.

But later, and with most of the rest of the Bonds, I think the movies went too much in the direction of camp. Roger Moore's Bond was the worst for that. It was nice to see them go back to the more brutal nature of who Bond is with Casino Royale. So far, I'm going to have to go with Craig, though I really liked Pierce Brosnan.

As an aside, if you want to see an Anti-Bond, check out The Tailor of Panama. Brosnan plays a sleazy British spy shoved into Panama for sleeping with the wrong guy's wife. The character has absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever. He's great.
I always used to maintain that Mr Connery could stick his slippers under my bed any day of the week (poor man), but then I saw Daniel Craig in the role and, well, puuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Don't tell me. Was it that shot of him coming out of the water in his swimming trunks? Worked for me.
That certainly wasn't something I'd object to seeing again - but he holds up a tux extremely well - and I do like a bit of mystery in my fantasies ;)
There was womankind's answer to Ursula Andress coming out of the water in Dr. No. About time we got some parity!


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