Not sure this goes here. Forgive me if it doesn't belong, but I thought I'd make my book available to readers of hardboiled fic. I'm giving away copies of THE CONCRETE MAZE while supplies last. Just drop me a line. If you don't like hardboiled, you may not like this book.

- "...a dark, wondrous jewel of a book." Ken Bruen -
"...tough, fast-paced, gripping, and hard-boiled to the bone..."
- Jason Starr
tightly plotted… gripping, intelligent and dark."
-Russel McLean, Crime Scene Scotland
"A vivid, gripping piece of slow-burn suspense… harrowing and heartbreaking."
-Megan Abbott, Edgar nominated author of Die a Little
"…being invited into places we've never been, having doors propped open into other minds, other ways of life. That is what good writing does -- and what Steven Torres does, wonderfully."
-James Sallis, Edgar nominated author of Drive

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I, for one, would love to read it. I just started writing my own hardboiled type of story....its in the birthing stages, as I like to call it, and so far it is going well....I just need a good name! ugh.

anyway, I would like a copy let me know how i can get my hands on one.

The authors who gave such fab blurbs weren't kidding. CONCRETE MAZE really is a great read for folks who dig hard-boiled/noir kinda books.
I want one!!!!
I read the reviews at Amazon it sounds great may I have one even though I live in Australia

Cheers from Jacki
Steven: I'm down with this. Sent an email to your website, but haven't heard back. I LOVE hardboiled.
Dammit, NOW you post a giveaway... I just bought it this weekend! (Not that I'm complaining about supporting your sales or anything.)
Wow those are some nice blurbs.
Hi all,
Thanks for the kudos IJ and Angie. Always a pleasure.
A for everyone else, if you've given me an address, I'll be mailing it out today.

There are still more copies if anyone is interested...
I cant wait.

Thanks again!!!
Steven, count me in.
Please add me to your list if you have more copies. I loved the genre.


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