Not sure this goes here. Forgive me if it doesn't belong, but I thought I'd make my book available to readers of hardboiled fic. I'm giving away copies of THE CONCRETE MAZE while supplies last. Just drop me a line. If you don't like hardboiled, you may not like this book.

- "...a dark, wondrous jewel of a book." Ken Bruen -
"...tough, fast-paced, gripping, and hard-boiled to the bone..."
- Jason Starr
tightly plotted… gripping, intelligent and dark."
-Russel McLean, Crime Scene Scotland
"A vivid, gripping piece of slow-burn suspense… harrowing and heartbreaking."
-Megan Abbott, Edgar nominated author of Die a Little
"…being invited into places we've never been, having doors propped open into other minds, other ways of life. That is what good writing does -- and what Steven Torres does, wonderfully."
-James Sallis, Edgar nominated author of Drive

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Sounds great, I'd love to read it if you're still giving away copies. I'm a huge fan of hardboiled (got a couple stories in that area myself that I'll be writing in the near future).


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