Now that I have your attention, has anybody read Donald Maass's "Writing the Breakout Novel"? Yeah, I know. It's a couple years old but it's still got a lot of good, if depressing, meat in it. Basically he's saying the old ways don't work anymore. Ya gotta learn the new stuff. He's also saying, publishers don't give a damn whether you know how to write or not. All they give a damn about is: can you write a book that sells? A major difference. And for those who have already published a book and have another one in the works, the publisher's question remains the same: how many copies did the last one sell? That's the only thing that's important to Mr. or Ms. Big Time Publisher. And that's because -- BIG SURPRISE -- publishing is just another Big Business. And all Big Businesses have only one interest: the bottom line. Meaning, how much money will this product make for me. Soooooo, any comments about Maass? Or about Big Business Publishing? And if you want to read my review of the book go to my website: The review is listed under "The Writer's Life." BTW, 50+ pages of my suspense novel, CROSSHAIRS, are also available FOR FREE on my website. Check it out. You might like it. Russ

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Thanks for your comments, Jon. I still have a lot to learn about the business. And Maass has a lot to teach. So, sorry if I sound naive.
I've been a Maass fan for 10 years. He knows this business we're in. And he knows how to teach, too. I've been to his week-long workshop several times, and each time walked away with better chops. I refer to the breakout book at least once a year.
Thanks for your comment, Jack. I haven't been to any of Maass' in-person workshops but I've heard one of his video workshops and read several of his books. It all makes sense to me.
Thanks, Dan,
Now I know why I feel like I'm in a time warp all the time. Because I'm over 50. Actually, I'm waaaaay over fifty, so my warp is probably a lot more bent then most. And I like your "better drug dealer" analogy. Some of today's best sellers can definitely numb your brain.
All of this is true. If you want to sell, you have to appeal to the lowest common denominator. But remember that you still have to live with yourself afterward.
Right you are, I.J.
And that's why I write mostly for my own satisfaction. And, thankfully, I can do that because I'm retired now and no longer have to write what the boss tells me to write. Now I'm the boss. And it's great! But I'm still interested in what's going on out there in the exciting world of accounting ... whoops, I mean, exciting world of Publishing. Thanks for your comment.


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