a couple of months ago i posted about being unable to find a quiet place to write. crimespacers posted a lot of good ideas, and i wanted to let everybody know that i bought a church conversion in rural wisconsin. it's an amazing retreat, located about 75 miles from the twin cities. one bedroom, gourmet kitchen, fireplace. climb the bell tower and you can see for miles. hiking trails and lots of nature nearby. i plan to spend the winter there, getting my next book written. but i wondered how many other writers are seeking solitude. and i started wondering if this could be a place i might sometimes rent to writers on a weekly or monthly basis. maybe $500 a week. 1500 or more a month. would there be an interest is such a thing?

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Ah, Anne. You have found your spot and then some! Relieved to see it, as often wondered how that turned out and your plea resonated with many! Bet you'll discover some authors who will want to take you up on the leasing, too... I'd love to if I didn't have a full-time day job, a 7 year old, hubby who has full schedules, and all the other that seems to take up so very much time. Good luck with this and keep us posted and would love to see some winter pics. Hopefully you'll have internet access and can keep updates going.
Karen, thanks so much. I'll definitely post some pics this winter!
You can try what my dad experienced with his wide flung former college students...House exchange. He has stayed on islands in BC and bungalows in the keys. His former students got a wonderful taste of his western Wi hobby farm tucked in the hills above of the Mississippi river valley.
It totally cracks me up that the acronym for your new book is GOD and now you're moving into a church.
heh! i know!
Congrats, Anne - I hope the space sings brightly for you and your work.
thanks so much, tom.
I would imagine there might be! I'm in the UK, but it sounds great for those in the US. Does it have broadband? That would certainly be a must for me - though I appreciate it might be counter to the whole idea of isolation and solitude :-)
it will have DSL! and cable. :D
Hello, Anne!

I'd definitely be interested in this. I live in the Twin Cities and would love a place, not too far from here, where I could escape and actually have some peace and quiet. I find that without that quiet place, my writing suffers from thoughts of what I "should" be doing and what I'd love to do rarely happens. How close to civilization is your new home?
hi pamela! nice to see you here!

the new place is located about 75 miles from the cities. i was thinking it might appeal to writers from the twin cities, so it's really nice to get your feedback.
I look forward to any future pics you post of your new place and your thoughts on if it helps with your writing. The church looks amazing and I hope it's everything you need it to be. I'll be one of the first to respond if you do decide to rent it out on occasion! :)


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