I'm in San Francisco December 8-11. Anyone else available.?


Follow up - I'm now going to be in SF until the 13th

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The wife and I have the weekend free, for once. Its only a five hour drive.
I'll see what night works for folks and see if we can get a group together.
I live across the bay from SF. Um, available for what?
Trying to get folks together for a drink or a bit of food.
Hey Mary! I'm here and would love to meet for a drink.
Let's figure something out.
That would be fantastic. It will be great to finally meet you.
I gotta learn to type better. Far too many typos in that first post .
I have a work party on the night of the 8th, but I'll be available otherwise. Might even sneak away from the party for a bit if you decide to do something on the 8th at night. Otherwise, the 9th is great for me!
I'd say the 9th would be the best. That way you don't have to miss the party. WHat do you think?
Thought I was leaving earlier, but my plans just changed and I'm in town until the 13th.
Either of those is good for me. I can also do the 11th.
Let's say the 9th (I edited my message after you saw it - you were too quick for me). I have a meeting on the night of the 11th. I'll email you and we can work out the details and then I'll post them in case anyone else can come along.


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