Not sure if this is where I'm meant to post an introduction, but hey, I'm throwing it out here.

So how are you doing?

My name's Rick and I'm new to this whole forum scene so I apologize if this is a crap first impression. I'm 25 and from a dead end town in kent, UK. I'm in that awkward transition phase between taking the next step in life, moving out with the girlfriend, and trying to make something of my life, stuck in that going nowhere job that pays the bills. I've always loved putting my imagination to use ever since I was a kid so I thought I'd give writing a running (cliched I'm sure lol). I'm a realist though, not expecting millions but doing it just for the sense of achievement in having my name on a book.

As like everyone else on here I'm a fan of reading and writing crime fiction, currently working on a 60's Bronx inspired set pulp Noir novel that would be awesome to get published through an outlet like Hard case crimes, a long shot (and not the only option I've looked into) but that's part of dreaming right?

This forum seemed like a great place to take my first steps in getting my name out there with its friendly environment and dislike for over self-righteous self-promotion, not a fan of constant big guy talk and I'm not arrogant enough to scream about myself all the time. I'm looking forward to talking to new people and enthusiasts and listening to what they have to say on life and writing, so get to know me ;)

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Welcome aboard, Rick. Things seem a little slow here now, but they do get busy on occasions.

Hi, Rick,

It's been horribly slow. Welcome, though. In the past we've had some great discussions going.

If you're just starting out, read everything you can find in your particular subgenre, and then write. Then have someone give you an honest opinion. If you have writers groups in the UK and if there is one where you live, join it. You'll get feedback.

In the end, when you're ready, consider self-publishing. The publisher route is horrendously hard and not particularly rewarding even if you land a contract.

Hi! Thanks for the welcome! It does seem a little quiet, still a great place though with pleasant people. I've done a lot of research in the build up to writing my project and am doing more now I've started writing it, studying everything related to the bronx in the 60's and relevant to the type of characters I'm writing about. I've looked into doing everything that you've reccomended so it's nice to have an affirmation that I'm going about things in a smart manner so thank you :). I've thought of self-publishing, outlets like amazon's createspace seem credible

Both Kindle e-books and Createspace deliver good quality. There are a few others, though. Good luck!

Welcome, Rick. An infusion of fresh blood such as yourself, may be exactly what we need here. Start some discussions. Arguments, even.


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