Avast me hearties! There be a new pirate mystery on the horizon!

Or, in less piratical terms, my story "The Pirate's Debt" appears in the August issue of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, which I just received today. To add to the pleasure, my name is on the cover!

"The Pirate's Debt" is the sequel to my Anthony-nominated story "Skull and Cross-Examinations," which is currently posted on the EQMM site.
Any new publication is cause for celebration and to hoist a tankard of rum! Or, in my case, a glass of Diet Dr Pepper.

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Congrats! That must mean my story in AHMM must be in the mail. :)
Mucho congrats.
That's excellent! That calls for a real celebration. Go nuts and have a non-diet Dr. Pepper.


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