I noticed that today, my Kindle books were reduced in price overall (including USA) and I discovered that it's because VAT had been reduced on ebooks from 15% to 3% with Amazon using a European loophole.  I've readjusted the prices for my books to keep them at its old price (after VAT) but for anyone interested in reading and debating on this subject, follow the link below:



Any other authors here who have Kindle books, you may need to double check your prices!

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Ah, thanks!  A bit puzzling since I hadn't paid attention to the original pricing of my books in foreign countries. Hmm.  Maybe they'll adjust automatically if I fix the U.S. rate.  On the whole, good news.

Hey you're right. Thanks for explaining this Mark, otherwose I'd have been scratching my head and wondering why my book was suddenly 20 something pence cheaper.

Yes, it's good news for e-publishers but not for the paperback authors where the VAT rate is higher so they could lose out to lower priced ebooks.  By inserting a slightly higher retail price for my books to get them back to its old price with the new VAT rate, I realised that I would get another 4 pence on my royalties for each Kindle Edition sold!  A positive step all round for me. 


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