It's not too different than the placeholder cover my publisher has been using for some time, but this version has my title and my name on it. The final manuscript has also been approved, so I can announce this book at last! An original novel by me, based on the television series The Killing that features Linden and Holder. Coming June 24. Hooray!

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Nice. How did you get permission to use the photo? Did you have to buy it?

Thank you both!

I.J. - great question. This isn't fan fiction (though I'm definitely a fan of the show) - I was hired by Fox and Titan Books to write an original novel using their characters, so the cover is their creation, not mine.

This novel has been in the works for over two years because during that time, the show got cancelled and brought back twice. (Fans like to say that you can't kill The Killing!) I'm so happy to see it all coming together at last.

Excellent!  That worked out well. Congrats!

Are you up for doing the same for The Bridge?

I'd certainly consider it if I were asked!

Very nice, Karen. It looks great


Very cool. I always had the idea THE KILLING would work better as a book than as a TV show, so I'm gl;ad to see they ran with this, and delighted to see you got the gig. Congratulations!

Thanks, Dana! 


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