I love this woman.  Every mystery has to be a cozy.  Plus, I'm far left!

I am half way this this book and I have never read such trash language in my life in a mystery book. I can read 3 to 4 books a week just reading at night and I was totally disgusted with this one. I chose it because of the setting...Cape Cod..which I love and I am enjoying the mystery part of it but I feel all the foul mouthing crap in it is uncalled for. I cannot believe you come from a place like Wisconsin and write such trash but of course you are far left (from some of your writing in the book) so that figures...anything goes. I wish you well but if this is an example of your type of writing I will not buy your books again. Yes I am a female.

Kind of hard to decide which is the funniest part. 

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Memo from Wisconsin: "Don't drag us into this, you left-challenged lump of leftover limburger."
I read your foul-mouthed books. And laughed most fouly.
The fuck you say.
I cannot believe you come from a place like Wisconsin and write such trash

So, in "a place like Wisconsin," do people smile all the time and say CHEESE, Jon? :) Apparently your blissful blogger thinks they don't know any cuss words up there.

They say it's better to be dissed than ignored altogether!

But of course that's for REAL critics, which most bloggers emphatically are NOT.
I know, right? The internal logic is so wonderfully...challenged. Mysteries should all be free of troubling elements (except the murder part, of course) that conflict with our fond memories of place, and speaking of place, how dare a person from a nice heartland state like Wisconsin use the word "dildo?" The fact that i dislike George W Bush, along with 75% of the country, means I'm "far left," and therefore utterly amoral, which explains why I''ve gone out of my way to offend...people who are easily offended. She wishes me well, though she hates everything about me and my books.

What's amazing is that she actually went to some trouble to let me know how she felt--Googled me, created a blogger account, and then racked her little pea-brain trying to order her thoughts (or not). Amazing.
Now, now! Let's not be sexist! :)

Actually, that letter is funny. I've had a few of those, like the one from a Dorothy L. member who took the trouble to e-mail me that mysteries set in eleventh century Japan are the very last thing she'd ever read.
Being a brand-new author, I made the mistake of getting on that site.
For her to go through all this trouble to tell you how offended she was means that your work is penetrating. Keep up the good work, Jon.
In publishing, a little bit of controversy is good, and a lot of controversy is really good. There's only one person you cannot piss off: Oprah.
How did George W. (not H.W.) Bush enter the controversy?
If I told you, Joyce, I'd be giving away a couple of punchlines. You'll have to read the book to find out.
Well, I just finished Chandler's classic essay "The Simple Art of Murder." It opens with
"Fiction in any form has always intended to be realistic." (Is that an oxymoron or a paradox?)

Haven't read your novel; but, after reading these blog comments I think this woman vs. you and your fan base just have different views of "reality."

Boy! have you been around! (Were you in the Navy?)
Chandler forgets about surrealism. Was Kafka's Metamorphosis meant to be realistic? And of course he wasn't around for the birth of magical realism.

I think reader "Ann" and I are so different in nearly every regard that we're almost not the same species.

Been around? Moi? What are you suggesting, Ms. Fugit?


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