I haven't been reading as much the last few years as I spend more time writing, but I just picked up CHINA TRADE by S.J. Rozan and gee was I impressed. I keep looking at these paragraphs where she described New York City, or the wind, or walking across the street for tea. How can she make that so freaking interesting? Her series character is a Chinese-American woman, and the action is cozy-tame, so these are not my normal enjoyable reads. But Ms. Rozan writes so easily and wonderfully, I kept thinking Elmore might have some competition. This was her first novel, I now read, so I have many more to go to study the craft. Anybody else a fan? Do you enjoy her craft as much I do?

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She's great -- I've read all of her series book, and her standalone, ABSENT FRIENDS, is especially impressive.
My opinion is validated! And thanks for the tip. Think I'll try the stand alone next.
Nothing new. S.J.Rozan has been around a while. I think she's won both an Edgar and a Shamus and was president of PWA at one time. She's also a pretty nice person. I don't know her, but she was friendly when I said "Hi" at a Bouchercon. That's not to say that other well-known writers are unfriendly, but they tend to give you that puzzled look. Rozan was just nice, smiled, and said "Hi" back -- even though she was in the middle of checking out of the hotel.
I read IN THIS RAIN a few years ago. Wonderful book, though not of the same series. I keep meaning to go back to her but something always distracts me. Maybe this will prompt me. She's very good.
Oops. Looks like I'll be reading ON THE LINE next -- the latest Lydia Chin adventure. I just won a contest on her website!
I really like her writing, though I favor the books in which Bill Smith is the lead character, as opposed to Lydia Chin. My favorites are NO COLDER PLACE, WINTER AND NIGHT and STONE QUARRY. She's an extremely nice person. She organizes a basketball game at Bouchercons. I've never played, nor even watched, but it's become part of the B'con tradition.


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