Hi there !  I was wondering if anyone out there is from Northern Michigan? I'm in Crawford County, Grayling and was hoping to meet a few people in the area interested in writing.  I do have a writing group I attend once a month at the library, October 5, 5p is the next meeting, but we only meet once a month.  I'd like to find some people for weekly chit chats. Have a great one!! Dawn

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I live in Onaway and have been published since 2008, with three books out and two more on the way. I often feel isolated up here where few know anything about publishing, so I love to talk about it. I am going to Magna Cum Murder this month in Muncie, IN. I also will present a workshop called "Write, Edit, Publish" at the Cheboygan library sometime early in 2011. I'd appreciate it if you would share that with your group.
Talk to me anytime!
Peg Herring (http://www.pegherring.com)
I will definitely let them know tues when I go in. I may consider going to the workshop in 2011 if it doesn't cost much money. I"ll also check out your website to see you books soon Thanks for the response, Happy Writing!
I don't think they will be charging anything.


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