I've been asked to write an article on the 10 best crime novels set in the 1960s. I've got my own ideas - but I'd like to hear what other people think. Any suggestions?

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Are you interested only in American fiction, Peter? My favorite novel from that period is THE LAUGHING POLICEMAN, by the Swedish authors Sjowall and Wahloo.

I'm not familiar with that novel, Albert. But thanks very much for suggesting it. I shall check it out.

Look at John D MacDonald's early Travis McGee books, I think they set the standard for crime novels in that era.

Thanks for that tip, Julian.

Walter Mosley, Easy Rawlins Mysteries.

Thanks foe mentioning that, Eliza. The Easy Rawlins books are great. Kind regards,  Peter

Chester Himes?

(Cotton Comes To Harlem).

That's one I don't know, Julian. I must check it out. Kind regards, Peter

Cotton Comes to Harlem....another great read!

Dear Eliza,

Thanks for that suggestion, Eliza. I'll look out for a copy. Meanwhile, I've now written the article and if you're interested you can find it here:


Kind regards,


Smokey Dalton series by Kris Nelscot. Excellent.

Dear David,

Thanks for the tip. I shall seek it out!

Kind regards,



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